Home Phone Service

MOTC Telecom is offering home phone service for $10.00 per month. All calling features are standard. Our home service also includes E911. Call today to get started.


No Problem

Getting a great phone system for your business or organization for an affordable prices and with all of the features you need for your business - No Problem. Call today to get started.


Auto Attendant

How you phone is answered is very important for your business. With an Auto Attendant, you phones will be answered and callers will be directed to the right person each and every time.


Advantages of VoIP

Voice over IP has many advantages over traditional phone service. Let MOTC Telecom show you how VoIP can benefit your business by improved communications among staff, implementing Unified Communications and much much more. Call today to get started.


Save 66%

MOTC Telecom offer more services and features for less money. Get a free, no obligation consultation and learn how MOTC Telecom specializes in delivering fortun 500 features and services to small and medium size businesses.


Cut Your Bill in Half

What can MOTC Telecom do for your business? We've included a few things on this video, but please call and make an appointment so we can discuss in detail and answer any questions you may have.