Our conference calling provides a vital service for individuals, non-profits and businesses alike. A review of conference call providers shows that many of these organizations are priced out of the traditional audio conferencing markets, so why not look to our at our conferencing service?

>It's a basic long-distance call for everyone and it beats the alternatives of trying to bridge five three-way calls together to get 15 people onto a conference call doesn't it? Not to mention all the valuable features we offer including conference call recording, online conference management and easy host dial-pad controls to name a few.

You have complete control over each participantâinvolvement including their ability to speak and/or hear your audio meetings. You can mute/UN-mute all participant microphones with a quick keypad command.
MOTC Telecom gives you the highest quality conferencing at one of the lowest rates you'll find anywhere. Our full-featured audio conferencing provides superior audio quality and reliability and includes toll conferencing for a fixed price. No per minute charges.

The process is very simple to sign up and be issued a conference number to start using right away. And, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

With convenient access from any telephone, you are immediately connected with your participants in a teleconference meeting room that is available 24/7/365. By simply providing your participants with a phone number and pass code, they can dial in to your meeting from where ever they may be.