Feature Codes
Call Forward
Call Forward All Activate - *72
Call Forward All Deactivate - *73
Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate - *74
Call Forward Busy Activate - *90
Call Forward Busy Deactivate - *91
Call Forward Busy Prompting Deactivate - *92
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate - *52
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate - *53

Call Waiting
Call Waiting Activate - *70
Call Waiting Deactivate - *71

Directed Call Pickup - **
In-Call Attended Transfer - *2
In-Call Blind Transfer - ##
In-Call Disconnect - **
In-Call Toggle Call Recording - *1
Simulate Incoming Call - 7777

DND Activate - *78
DND Deactivate - *79
DND Toggle - *76

Echo Test - *43
Dial this feature code to place your extension into .Echo Test.. Basically anything you say into your extension willbe played back to you. If there are echo problems associated with your line and the system you are connected to,you will hear this echo. Hang up once you have finished.

Use if you have echo problems with calls. If you use this test and you do not get any echo problems, then the fault does not lay with your extension, but with the people calling you. If you do get an echo with this test, then there is a problem with your extension and maybe the network you are connected to. Report this fault to MOTC Telecom.

Speak Your Extension Number - *65
Dial this feature code to have a message played indicating your current extension number. Useful with 'hotdesking' to identify your extension number. Maintainers use this feature to verify correct connection of theextension during installation.

Speaking Clock - *60
This is a rough implementation of the traditional speaking clock facility. It will .speak. the time at the next beep,will pause to this time and play a beep sound. It will pause again and repeat the process until you hang up.

My Voicemail - *97
Gain access to the Voice Mail system for this extension. This method accesses the voice mailbox for the extensionyou dial this feature code from. You won.t need the mailbox ID, but you will need the PIN number for this mailbox.