Jitsi is a cross-platform, free and open-source program which supports Instant Messaging (IM), voice and video chat over the Internet. It supports many of the most popular and widely used IM and telephony protocols, among them SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), Jabber/XMPP (used by Facebook and Google Talk), AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger. It offers additional independent encryption for text chats through the OTR (Off-the-Record) protocol, and voice and video (ZRTP, SRTP) sessions. Jitsi runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The Android version is forthcoming.

Bria 4 is a carrier-grade SIP softphone client that enables you to manage your communications easily from your Mac or Windows laptop. Bria 4 can replace or complement your desk phone, allowing you to make voice and video calls over IP, see if your contacts are available, send messages, and share your screen.

Zoiper softphones run on a multitude of different platforms. No matter if you are using mac, linux or windows, iPhone, android or a browser, we got a solution for all. (and we are working hard on adding even more)
Grandstream Wave is a softphone application that allows users to make and receive voice calls through their business or residential SIP accounts on any Android™ device (version 4.0+) from anywhere in the world. This application supports integration of up to 6 SIP accounts, 6-way voice conferencing, and allows users to monitor their PBX while utilizing speed dial with up to 24 virtual BLF keys.

Jitsi is our Unified Communications softphone client. Bria, Zoiper Wave are our tablet softphones applications. These softphones have been tested and certified to work in our environment. Our softphones offer HD voice quality, mobility, video and all of the features of a deskphone. Turn your laptop or tablet device into a true communication hub. Work anywhere in the world and stay connected with your business.

MOTC Telecom is opening new opportunities for our customers. You no longer need a desk phone to have phone service. Get the same high quality, advanced features and great support on your laptop or tablet device. You can have phone service anywhere in the world as long as your device has Internet access.