What is UCAAS? Unified Communications As A Service (UCAAS) is an important tool for business growth. Every large corporation has a Unified Communications solution implemented or they are in the process of implementing one. Microsoft Sype for Business is the most popular among large corporations.

Sype for Business is an impressive product, but what do you do if you do not have several hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement Skype? Microsoft does offer a cloud solution for Skype that generally cost about $10/month per seat.

MOTC Telecom is offering a Unified Communicaitions solution for businesses that is free. If you have a few minutes to install Jitsi on your computers and an additional two minutes to configure and an additonal one minute to get your free XMPP acount with MOTC Telecom, you can have all of the functionality of Skype for Business without the enormous cost to implement.
The first step is to download and install Jitsi on each computer. [CLICK HERE] to open a window or tab of the download page. If you have a Windows computer, click on Microsoft Windows Installers.

Next you need a XMPP account for each user. [CLICK HERE] to open a tab or a window to request your free MOTC Telecom XMPP account. Please safeguard the submitted ID and password. Password change request will be verified by the Username, Name and email listed on the account. If you submit false information that can not be verified, we will create the account, but you will never be able to make changes or request help.

The last action item it to add an account and contacts. Accounts can be added from the install wizard or from the main menu File tab. The network is XMPP, username is the username you submitted plus @pbxs.motcinc.com. For example, if you submitted Joe.Blow as a username, you would enter Job.Blow@pbx2.motcinc.com and the XMPP password is the same password you entered on the registration page. Next step, let MOTC Telecom advise you on the best way to get the most from your Unified Communications implementation. The consultation is free!