MOTC Telecom is proud to announce the deployment of our new video conferencing service called MOTC Meet. MOTC Meet which is a open source (MIT) WebRTC Javascript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality and scalable video conferences.

No downloads required. MOTC Meet works directly within your browser. Simply share our conference URL with others to get started.

It's easy to share your screen with others. MOTC Meet is ideal for on-line presentations, lectures and tech support sessions.
Need some privacy? MOTC Meet conference rooms are secured with a password to keep out unwanted guests. It allows users to stream their desktop or windows with others. Unlike Skype or Google Hangout, MOTC Meet encrypts by default and does not require users to install any software.

MOTC Meet is based on WebRTC technology which is supported by the following browsers: Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Firefox.

Summary: MOTC Meet is a WebRTC-powered multi-user videochat. Built using colibri.js and strophe.jingle, powered by the Jitsi Videobridge, in collaboration with the Jitsi team.